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Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses

A Workbook Course for Movement Teachers

This workbook course offers videos, journal prompts, self-study exercises, and group commentary to help you integrate themes, ideas, and inspiration into your yoga class. Whether you are a new yoga teacher training graduate ready to go deeper or an experienced teacher looking to freshen and reinvigorate your teaching, you’ll find what you need to help your students better.

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Teaching Yoga to Athletes

Training and Certification

This one-of-a-kind course with America’s leading expert on yoga for athletes will help you take your teaching to the next level and empower you to teach athletes of all sports and levels in studio, gym, or one-on-one settings. Earn CEUs and expand your understanding of yoga, sports training, and the connections between them. An optional certification track includes Sage’s direct input on your homework and plans. This course will give you the concrete skills to serve your students, elevate their game and focus, keep them safe and happy, and grow your business so you can do more of the work you love.

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Sequencing Yoga Classes

from Welcome to Namaste

In this innovative online course, you’ll learn Sage’s flipbook approach to teaching yoga classes for all levels. Using a framework that makes modification and creative approaches easy and natural, we work together to design sequences for every portion of an asana class, from warmups to balance poses to the closing minutes. You’ll learn tools to structure balancing, fulfilling, inspiring sequences no matter what style you teach. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to a collaborative sequence database to ensure you always feel prepared to serve your students best.

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for Movement Teachers

Yoga studio owners Lies Sapp and Sage Rountree share their knowledge on accounting, scheduling, and the studio/teacher relationship. You’ll gain attorney Lies’s perspective on legal issues yoga teachers face, including liability and ethics, and learn Sage’s take on marketing, building a loyal student base, and developing a career—full or part-time—as a yoga teacher. The course will help you focus on your professional strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll help you set goals for building a successful relationship with your teaching as you move forward.

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Classroom Management

and Safety

The very first step of the first limb of yoga is ahimsa, nonharming. With this goal in mind, we seek to keep our students safe in class. Once their safety is ensured, our choices in how we set up and manage the classroom directly affect the quality of the students’ experience and the feel of the class. In this online course with Sage Rountree and Lies Sapp—plus special guest, first-aid teacher Kathy DiBlasio—we investigate all the choices that contribute to the safety and quality of your class. Learn how to handle classroom disruptions from heart attacks to fart attacks with grace and confidence.

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The Workshop Workshop

A Workbook Course for Movement Teachers

Are you eager to share your favorite topics with your students in workshop format, but unsure about where and how to begin? In this workbook course, Sage explains the who, what, where, why, when, and how of creating, locating a home for, marketing, teaching, and refining successful workshops—from one-hour sessions to weeklong intensives to retreats to ongoing series. Follow along and create a wonderful workshop as you go. You’ll finish with a fully developed offering to benefit both your students and your own career. Taking this course pays for itself in no time!

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The Content Workshop

Extend Your Reach beyond the Classroom

Ready to take your reach beyond the movement classroom? Do you have useful advice to share with your audience, but feel unsure about how to do it and where to start? In the Content Workshop, Sage shows you how to share your gifts with the world by—yes—creating content. In this workbook course, we cover finding your niche and platform; outlining, creating, and refining content; placing it where it can do the most good; and pointing people to it. Whether your strength is in photography, videography, or writing, this workbook course will get you clear on planning, generating, and promoting your work.

2+ hours of content, $49 enroll now

Sequence Library

Editable and Collaborative

Sage’s entire sequence library is designed as an accompaniment to any course and free with any course purchase. It also is offered as a standalone. It will make most sense if you are familiar with Sage’s classes, either in person or online, and her book Everyday Yoga. This easy-to-use sequence library collects all of Sage’s innovative sequences in one handy reference. Mix and match the sequences to plan your class or home practice. Expand your understanding of sequencing in new and different ways, and follow the links to written and video resources to keep your practice and your teaching fresh.

Combinations/à la Carte

Packages and Referral Discounts

Are you ready to invest fully in your professional development? Interested in more than one course? Want to access the required curriculum for Sage’s 500-hour Carolina Yoga Teacher Training? You’ll receive a discount when you buy more than one course at a time.

Or refer a group of students—like a yoga teacher training—and everyone will receive a discount: contact us for details.

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