Classroom Management and Safety

The very first step of the first limb of yoga is ahimsa, nonharming. With this goal in mind, we seek to keep our students safe in class. Once their safety is ensured, our choices in how we set up and manage the classroom directly affect the quality of the students’ experience and the feel of the class. In this online course with Sage Rountree and Lies Sapp—plus special guest, first-aid teacher Kathy DiBlasio—we investigate all the choices that contribute to the safety and quality of your class.


Studio owners Lies Sapp and Sage Rountree lead this investigation of how to skillfully manage your classroom. From handling emergencies to calming chatty students, choosing music to using proper guidelines to touch, liability to audibility, we cover all elements of the teacher’s role and choices. After taking this course, you’ll feel capable, confident, and equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

We cover:

And yes, we address graceful ways to allow for various body issues that inevitably occur in class, from farts to erections.


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