Online Yoga for Athletes Teacher Training and Certification

This freshly updated one-of-a-kind course with America’s leading expert on yoga for athletes will help you take your teaching to the next level and empower you to teach athletes of all sports and levels in studio, gym, or one-on-one settings. Earn CEUs and expand your understanding of yoga, sports training, and the connections between them.

Sage Rountree is author of nine books on yoga, especially on yoga for athletes, Runner’s World yoga expert, and Yoga Journal’s Active Yogi columnist. A coach and formerly competitive endurance athlete as well as a skilled teacher trainer, she brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to bear in her lessons for athletes and yoga teachers interested in working with athletes and everyone.

Students from New York to New Zealand, Canada to Malawi, and Copenhagen to Kenya have loved this course and find that going all in on your teaching career reaps amazing gains. If you’ve been dreaming of working with athletes of all sports and levels, or even simply wondering how yoga fits in your training, this course will give you concrete skills to:

If you’d rather take this unique yoga for athletes teacher training in person, Sage offers it several times each year across the United States. See Sage’s schedule and sign up here!


Combining video footage from Sage’s weeklong teachers’ intensive with online classes, reading, and prompts for self-study, this course empowers teachers of any style of yoga to begin teaching yoga to athletes. It will also be useful for coaches, PE teachers, and personal trainers.

In the course, we cover:

All the course lectures have just been updated in spring 2020, so the course is fresh and more useful for ever.


You’ll receive online access to:
  • dozens of lectures across five units—both new content to enjoy now, and legacy content if you want to be completist
  • five group discussions, with more discussion online
  • twenty yoga practices to illustrate and integrate the principles we discuss
  • several essays on teaching yoga to athletes and additional reading materials, which you can read on the site or in an e-reader, or print for future reference
  • extra materials, including a twelve-week sample syllabus

In addition, participants on the certification track receive full access to Sage’s sequence library.

Required reading (please purchase on your own or from Sage’s site): Sage Rountree, The Athlete’s Guide to YogaThe Athlete’s Pocket Guide to YogaThe Athlete’s Guide to Recovery, and The Runner’s Guide to Yoga.

Work at your own pace and at a time that’s convenient for you, and use your lifetime access to review the materials (and new additions) at your leisure.

Sage is happy to answer any questions you have about the program. First, consult this list of frequently asked questions, then use the contact form in the footer of this page for a personal reply.

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Teaching Yoga for Athletes can be completed in various ways—choose the one that best suits your needs.

Teaching Yoga to Athletes, Full Certification Track

When you choose the certification track, in addition to receiving lifetime access to all course content, you’ll develop your skills even further by working with Sage’s direct help.

Your work on the certification track includes:

Doing this work will:

As you progress toward certification, enjoy as much back-and-forth as you like with Sage via e-mail, phone, and Skype. Together, we’ll be sure that all your questions are thoroughly answered so your understanding of each topic is clear.

Upon completion of an exam and submission and critique of a teaching video, participants who are already teaching at the Yoga Alliance 200-hour level or have comparable experience will receive a certification in teaching yoga to athletes. Teachers in training can complete the course alongside a yoga teacher training such as Sage’s eight-month program.

Upon certification, you’ll gain:

Teaching Yoga to Athletes, Content Only, All 5 Units

If you’re confident in your teaching skills, a self-directed learner, and interested in the content only, enjoy all five units:

Or, work à la carte, at your own pace, one unit at a time. Buying any unit individually gets you lecture, discussion, and two practices, as well as prompts for your consideration and growth and resources for further study. It also gains you access to bonus materials, including a twelve-week class syllabus.

Upgrade to Certification

If you have completed the content portion of the class, either in person during a five-day intensive with Sage or online, you can upgrade to the certification track. You’ll gain access to new pages of the website, and you’ll receive Sage’s direct feedback on your homework, exam, and teaching video, as well as all the other benefits of certification:


Satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren’t completely happy with what you learn, let us know within three months of purchase and you’ll receive a full refund.

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