Professionalism for Movement Teachers

One definition of yoga is “relationship.” In this online intensive designed for teachers at any level of experience and in any style of yoga or movement teaching, we will examine the relationships that teachers have with self, students, other teachers, studios, money, and the law. You will finish the course with a concrete plan for being completely clear and professional in all your relationships, to the benefit of yourself, your students, and the yoga community at large.


Studio owners Lies Sapp and Sage Rountree share their knowledge on accounting, scheduling, and the studio/teacher relationship. You’ll gain attorney Lies’s perspective on legal issues yoga teachers face, including liability and ethics, and learn Sage’s take on marketing, building a loyal student base, and developing a career—full or part-time—as a yoga teacher. The course will help you focus on your professional strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll help you set goals for building a successful relationship with your teaching as you move forward.

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