Unit 1

Hello! On January 3, 2018, I made some significant changes to the back end of the course site. You should be able to log in at the Course Login tab above by putting in your e-mail address and choosing "Forgot your password?" to reset your password. Then, if you have any problem logging in and viewing all your course pages, please e-mail info@sagerountree.com and we'll troubleshoot for you tout de suite! I had to manually input all the data, and I'm only human. —Sage

2 Responses to “Unit 1”

  1. Michelle Boullion

    So excited for this course! I too teach in higher education (HR Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership at LSU), teach yoga, teach pilates and teach boot camps.


  2. Alexandra DeSiato

    Hi Michelle,
    So glad you joined us! Isn’t it interesting how teaching begets teaching? Being a teacher has made me a better yoga teacher– I’ve long thought about class organization and pedagogy.



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