Unit 3

Hello! On January 3, 2018, I made some significant changes to the back end of the course site. You should be able to log in at the Course Login tab above by putting in your e-mail address and choosing "Forgot your password?" to reset your password. Then, if you have any problem logging in and viewing all your course pages, please e-mail info@sagerountree.com and we'll troubleshoot for you tout de suite! I had to manually input all the data, and I'm only human. —Sage

3 Responses to “Unit 3”

  1. Michelle Boullion

    What makes my favorite teachers inspirational and motivating to me is their creative non-rountine sequencing because this creativity quickly helps me get out of my “outside thoughts” and into my practice both mentally and physically. Teachers that talk too much or who teach the same class repeatedly do not resonate with me. I enjoy teachers that provide one to three inspirational quotes, mantras or very short stories during their classes.
    I love to read so the book prompt about reading definitely resonates with me.

  2. Alexandra DeSiato

    Yes: “Teachers that talk too much”– that one is so important! It’s the thing I most notice when I take classes, too: I really appreciate (and need) the solitude of the practice. Good theming is about finding that balance: when to talk, when to watch.



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