Unit 4

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3 Responses to “Unit 4”

  1. Michelle Boullion

    In my conversation recording I came across more “gossiping” sounding rather than concerned sounding in some instances. I also found that our conversation hit too many times on negatives that are happening in our society. I do find that when I read or hear the news too often that all of the negative becomes what my friends, family, co-workers and I talk “gossip” about. After vacations where I have avoided media and social media I feel so much more relaxed and optimistic. I am trying to bad news detox so that this will help me personally and also will spill over into my yoga teaching.
    For me a “perfect” yoga class is one that you can just feel. You know it as a student and as a teacher. As a teacher it is a feeling of peace for yourself where you feel just as zen as your students do from the practice. I make an effort to approach teachers and tell them how much I enjoyed their class when it’s one of these types of classes and I really appreciate when students enjoy my classes and let me know that.

  2. Sage

    How interesting, Michelle! It’s good to hear you have a takeaway. And we as teachers know how important positive feedback from students is!

  3. Alexandra DeSiato

    I think I may have talked about this in our discussion, but a few months ago I started a news fast: I avoid the news most days, and only do a catch up day once or twice a week. It’s been incredibly mentally detoxing. In the go-go-go, new-new-new cycle of news, I feel like if we pay too much attention, we’re at risk of beginning to believe the world is the worst its ever been. The truth is that some things are bad and some things are better than ever. Making space between myself and the news has helped me find more balance.

    I love your description of the perfect yoga class. I know what you mean! As a student they are so calming and grounding, and as an instructor, it feels so good when you teach one of those and feel like you just nail it! Your comment made me think about how when I take one of those perfect classes I’m not always sure it’s the instructor: sometimes I bring positive energy, presence, and gratitude to the table as a student, and I’m more ripe for the message of it all.



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