Unit 5

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3 Responses to “Unit 5”

  1. Michelle Boullion

    I definitely can appreciate your mentioning that sometimes repeated phrases become meaningless and that it can be awkward to share philosophical ideas with others. The book says to repeat your words until you mean (live) them. This is such good advice because then the comments aren’t meaningless and are authentic.
    Repeated words and phrases that I tend to use are, unhinge your jaw, inhale, exhale, psoas(probably mention this too much but because mine are the tighest part of my body they are always on my mind), adding on, if you get tired don’t quit but rather just learn to rest, I made this pose up (haha), make this class your class, take what you need and leave out what you don’t need today, let your thoughts flow through and away like clouds, relax the muscles around your eyes and your mouth, think kind thoughts, speak kind thoughts, do kind , being good to yourself allows you to be good to others.

  2. Sage

    Those all sound like things I’d need to hear over and over. I *love* the quitting-vs.-learning-to-rest idea!

  3. Alexandra DeSiato

    I love some of your repeated phrases! I really like “if you get tired don’t quit but rather just learn to rest” and “unhinge your jaw.” I think the point we make is that repetition is not inherently bad at all. I have plenty of things that I repeat in every class I teach. (Matter of fact, one of those is “relax the muscles around your eyes and your mouth”– I say that at the start of every practice, when we’re resting before we move.) But I try to make sure the things I repeat are intentional, rather than habitual. I tell people to relax their eyes and mouth each class intentionally; I always see that that cue lands and that people need to hear that! But there are other “filler” phrases that I try to work on omitting. Some days I’m successful, and some days I still hear myself say one of those phrases and cringe a little. It’s a process!

    But when it comes to themes and philosophical ideas that feel outside the norm of conversation, yes, repetition is better! It’s better for you to repeat it in advance of your class (to friends, to yourself, to your family), so when you say it to your class it is your truth. You own it. That type of repetition begets comfort and ownership which leads to those words really landing with you students– as opposed to rote phrasing that says nothing. I love your thoughts here! Thanks. 🙂


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