Unit 6

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  1. Michelle Boullion

    I am extremely grateful at present for all of the travel time that I have had with family and friends. We are blessed with an amazing country and world to explore and I feel very blessed when I am able to experience new places, people and things.

    For exercise/self care I have really been focused this summer on a regular schedule of interval training with cardio and weights as well as incorporating pilates and of course yoga classes taught by my favorite teachers.

    I think my go to theme would have to be “let’s just move” and “appreciate all that our bodies can do for us and all that we can do for our bodies”. The class is just focused around getting moving fairly quickly which I think assists a lot of us in clearing our minds of outside thoughts and distractions. I then keep the class moving (giving them little time to think of distractions) with unique sequences that they are not used to (no repetitive sun salutations in my classes ; ) ) I think phrases that might add impact are “our bodies were made to move” , focusing on the movement to begin with and then sequencing that with our breathe more times than not leads to the sweet spot of breathe and movement that is so beneficial for the mental benefits of yoga.

  2. Sage

    I love this. You have a clear vision of your class’s needs, and where they are when they come in the room. Excellent!


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