teaching yoga to athletes course graduates say . . .

“I took Sage’s Yoga for Athletes course online. I was very hesitant in committing to an online course, since the personal contact matters a great deal to me. However, I had nothing to fear. Sage was extremely supportive, answered all my questions I had along the way almost immediately, and her energy and positive attitude made it easy to learn and be engaged although we were very far apart geographically. I love working with athletes and Sage’s course has given me a lot of new material, inspiration, and knowledge that has given me the confidence to teach elite sport teams here in Denmark.” —Sisse Jensen Dall, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Sage knows her stuff—plain and simple. It is clear that she has thought a lot about how yoga can benefit athletes—and felt the benefits in her own body. She has created a neat, accessible package in this course. The readings for each unit are informative, relevant, and concise, the videos interesting and inspiring, the homework useful—she has you thinking through stuff that you will use once you get out in the ‘real world’ and start teaching athletes. Sage is unfailingly prompt with the turnaround of assignments and exceptionally generous in sharing her knowledge and personal insights. You just get the sense that she sincerely wants you to succeed as a teacher, and she is there to help you do it. I’ll admit that I was a little unsure about the ‘online’ part of this course. I was worried about the distance creating a lack of personal connection and potential difficulties in communications. My worries proved unfounded—in fact, the distance at times seemed beneficial. I tend to be a back-of-the-class kind of kid who isn’t always able to articulate the right questions at the right time. The distance between student and teacher in this case gave me time to digest the material and properly think through my questions before firing them off to Sage. And Sage really took advantage of the time and space to give the type of thoughtful reply that might not be possible in a classroom setting. She would regularly write paragraphs in answer to a ‘simple’ question—often with a handful of links that led me to further reading and deeper understanding.” —Tracey Cook, Victoria, Canada

“Sage Rountree, the name says it all. She is a sage, though she’ll never admit that. I’ve been teaching yoga to athletes on the campus of Notre Dame and in the South Bend area since 2006, and I was looking to deepen my knowledge on the subject. After some long hours of searching for the right school that provides a high quality of education, and a teacher I could relate to, I found Sage! I can’t say enough great things about Sage Rountree’s Yoga for Athletes school. The information she presented on working with athletes was limitless. The lectures, worksheets, videos, and physical practice were all challenging, but deeply inspiring and at the same time increased my repertoire of teaching strategies. The syllabus content that’s included in the course educates instructors on how to use the yoga sutras to help balance, strengthen, and aid athletes in their recovery from competition. The course gave instructors a deeper insight on understanding the business side of yoga. The text that is studied, outlined important steps on how to set up, maintain, to protect, and how to serve their clients is priceless! She’s made the course informative, challenging, and yet so much fun! Sage makes everyone feel confident in themselves as teachers and on how they instruct their students, but more importantly, on how to confidently live in their own skin to better serve their clients. There isn’t a more efficient, knowledgeable, and inspiring mentor on the subject of Yoga for Athletes than Sage Rountree!” —Steve Krojo, True Balance Yoga, South Bend, Indiana

“I have completed Sage’s online Yoga for Athletes teacher training certification, and found it incredibly valuable. The course is very well structured, with highly relevant and practical content. It comprehensively and clearly shows how every aspect of yoga can be applied in a meaningful way to athletes of any level in any sport. With a foot in each camp (i.e., as an athlete and coach, as well as a yoga instructor) Sage appears to be uniquely qualified to link sports training and yoga together in a meaningful way—it really works. Watching the lectures and following the practice sessions (filmed with a group of teacher trainees in her own studio) online was the next best thing to being there in person. Sage clearly has a gift for presentation and teaching, with a warm, engaging style of delivery and the ability to communicate concepts very clearly. As a teacher, Sage was also super accessible and efficient when it came to one-on-one communication, readily available to answer emails or Skype and answer questions. Completing this course has given me a really good understanding of how to teach yoga to athletes in a manner that complements their existing training, as is relevant, meaningful, safe, and of course beneficial to them both physically and mentally. Since completing the course just months ago I am now confidently working with a range of athletes from weekend warriors to some of New Zealand’s most promising high performance and Olympic-level athletes. I’m loving what I’m doing and am very grateful to Sage for providing this course that has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to pursue this avenue of teaching yoga. I thoroughly recommend this course.” —Sarah MacDonald, Balance Yoga, New Zealand

“This course was amazing! The content is so informative for working with athletes. Sage does a wonderful job walking you through each step of the way. I had many questions and concerns about getting started working with athletes in my area. Sage answered e-mails within hours and was so helpful to me making my aspirations a reality! Sage has a way of meeting the athlete where they are and using yoga to enhance them. She does a wonderful job of teaching yoga teachers to have that same connection. Sage puts her heart and soul into making you the best yoga teacher you can be. This course is wonderful if you are considering working with athletes or teams as well as using this information with students at your studios.” —Jamie McDaniel

from in-person students you’ll see in the online teaching yoga to athletes course

“It was truly an honor and privilege to be a part of this course. Investing in this course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. When deciding to use my vacation time to go to this class, I was concerned about being fooled into a yoga gimmick. Fortunately, this was absolutely not the case. I got way more out of the Yoga for Athletes teacher training than I had ever anticipated. This was the first workshop I attended were I felt like I was imparted with knowledge, experience, and encouragement. Thank you so much! I truly feel I have the tools and support necessary to take my dream of working with athletes to the next level.” —Heather Walke

“Sage’s Teaching Yoga to Athletes intensive was a terrific course for learning how to teach yoga to athletes or any other special population. Not only did I learn how to specify a yoga practice through each phase of periodization in a training cycle, but also how this approach can work in a studio class filled with athletes in different sports and different training phases, or with an entire team focused on the same sport and training cycle. Particularly useful was understanding how the psychology of the athlete differs from that of the more typical yoga student—and why a specific approach is required by the instructor. I also gained a more in-depth understanding of how to address various injuries and ailments of the body through specific postures, which is useful for every yoga teacher. Sage’s knowledge in this area and her skill and generosity in conveying that knowledge are really remarkable.” —Jennifer Weaver

“If at all possible, I urge you to attend one of Sage’s ‘Teaching Yoga To Athletes’ intensives, but if you are unable to be with Sage in person, I highly recommend her online course. Sage’s teaching is informed by her own accomplishments as a runner, and triathlete, and the skills you will learn can’t help but take your own work with athletes to a higher level!” —Chuck Naughton

“Teaching Yoga to Athletes is a phenomenal experience that is valuable to yoga teachers as well as sports coaches and athletes in general. Sage’s training is thorough and inspiring. I work with young dancers and young-at-heart amateur athletes. This training gave me the skills and confidence to work with all ages and sports. Most importantly I have learned how to improve sequencing throughout the class and periodization throughout the training season and beyond. My students have commented on the improvement they see in their own sports because of the yoga we practice. I urge everyone to take Sage’s course. You and your students will be glad you did!” —Laura Christopherson

sequencing yoga classes from welcome to namaste

“I’m still in Unit 1 and I can already start to see different ways to plan out my classes! It’s really got me thinking!” —Marilyn Vaillancourt

professionalism for movement teachers

Sage and Lies “did a beautiful job of presenting the important elements of creating a strong foundation for a career in yoga. Framing the weekend around relationships was a wonderful way of making the intimidating aspects of a yoga career (money, the law, ethical dilemmas, etc.) seem accessible and much less scary. I finished feeling significantly more confident and inspired about where my career could be one year or five years from now, and more compassionate toward myself about the process of starting out as a new yoga teacher.” —Elizabeth Bechard

“The weekend workshop Professionalism: A Movement Teachers’ Intensive with Sage Rountree and Lies Sapp, offered as part of Carolina Yoga’s 500 Hour YTT program, was a candid, helpful weekend of open, honest dialogue about the nitty-gritty details and mechanics of what it means to be a professional in the field of yoga. While most of us who teach yoga receive important information about asana, anatomy, and yoga philosophy in our 200-hour programs, many of us begin teaching with no clear understanding of what it means to earn a living wage, maintain financial records, protect ourselves from liability, promote our classes, focus on a clear niche, and effectively market what we are offering. What Sage and Lies do so effectively is provide concrete information, create spaces for open and realistic dialogue, and confront all aspects of the business of teaching—all without losing sight of the philosophical roots of yoga. This course renewed my passion for teaching, helped me find a sense of grounding in what can often feel like an amorphous profession, and clarified my intentions (and goals!) as I continue to grow in a profession that I love so much. This program contained information that any yoga teacher would find extremely helpful—whether that teacher was brand new to instruction or a seasoned veteran of many years. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” —Alexandra DeSiato

“Being a part of the Advanced Teacher Training with CYCo. has been completely fulfilling, inspirational, and purely fun. The energy exchange, and the knowledge and experience shared in our sessions is of genuine strength and quality. I am so grateful for this experience!” —Meghan Flaherty

“Sage and Lies share their knowledge and expertise from all perspectives (studio owner, teacher, writer, etc.), which allows a much richer understanding of the business and the do’s and don’ts as you begin or grow your yoga career. The course was useful, inspiring, and fun!” —Sara Owens

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