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  1. Sage

    Here’s a sample introduction for you. I’m Sage, I’m a yoga mutt with a particular interest in yoga for athletes, especially endurance athletes; core strength; and athletic recovery. I have a background in audio production and years of experience as a writer.

    I’ve taught and created materials over a wide range of subjects, especially those above, and I’ve also been leading teacher trainings since 2010.

    For me, good content clearly defines a problem and offers a solution. Or, if it’s visual, it inspires me toward self-improvement in some way. Poor content is unclear on its purpose or, distractingly, rife with grammatical or formatting errors that make it difficult to read/watch/hear.

  2. Joy Zazzera

    Hey there Yogis,
    I’m Joy, a yoga instructor in training, recovered double knee-replacement patient, happily aging recreational athlete and aspiring motivational life-coach! Limited mobility range in my knees means I lead a relatively modified yoga practice, that quite honestly doesn’t fit any one single style – I give myself what I need with each practice.The individuals I find to be most inspiring are those who offer alternative ways to ignite our thinking brain so that its doesn’t get the best of us in challenging situations. I’m passionate about setting big goals without internal or external shame, creating a plan to achieve them and placing myself in situations that yield the greatest opportunities to learn. I’m passionate about not being afraid to fail – and I love writing about that passion. I’ve created some short blog posts regarding feeling better through yoga, improved ways of thinking as well as content regarding my journey as an younger-than-average double knee replacement patient. I prefer to consume content where the author is clearly being authentic in a motivating and inspiring way, so video and audio really drive topics home for me, when I can “hear” their authenticity and their passion. When authors (content creators) are too vague or assembly-line sounding or appearing, then it usually leaves me feeling “still stuck and looking for answers.” I’m taking this course because I want to begin to document my journey to becoming a yoga instructor (I’ll be taking the summer intensive at Carolina Yoga Company) and eventual life coach using social media and other platforms to do so. A start to building my brand and then, obviously keep it moving forward from there. This workshop is available at the perfect time! NaMaStE

  3. Tara Kestner

    Hello there, my name is Tara and my yoga lineage is a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve been teaching for five years and have reached RYT-200E status. My current classes include LA Fitness, several corporate classes, a few private clients, high school athletes, and assorted workshops. My focus is providing practical, useful yoga for real people.

    In my other life, I am an attorney and practice transactional law, which is code for I don’t sue people. Instead, I choose to form and represent businesses, and provide estate planning services. Because of my job, I spend a lot of time creating content, albeit, for a specific purpose and largely uninteresting to the average human.

    My goal is build a reliable yoga presence, both online and in real life that is consistent in quality and useful to the ordinary yogi. I have produced six videos and continue to try to perfect that process. It’s a learning experience, for example, it only took three mishaps before I learned to put the cat in the house while filming, the turning point came when she actually caught a bird and brought it to me while I was filming a class. Good times.

    To me, good content is presented in a professional manner, with good production value and is both entertaining and educational. There are a lot of homemade yoga videos on the internet which lack these qualities. I specifically dislike amateurish yoga videos and articles that lack any apparent understanding of how to sequence a class and move too quickly to have any beneficial effect for the viewer.

    I am looking forward to participating in this workshop to help me continue to improve the way I present myself online.

  4. Peter Kelly

    Hi Yogi’s, my name is Peter Kelly, and I’m certified yoga instructor with a passion for teaching yoga! I’m a serious jock by trade, and after decades of competitive sports (including college & USTA tennis) and working in the private sector, I suffered from lower back problems. Yoga has been my salvation.
    I have a background in sales and marketing, and have traveled extensively over my career in the manufacturing sector. I relate well to people, and this transfers positively to the yoga mat. When teaching, I like to work with the core, breadth, and helping my students to relax and flow in class.

    For me, good content starts with a clear outline. It begins with informing that person of what is expected in a given course/class, and moves seamlessly to an end in which that person feels that he/she has accomplished their goal. This includes visual as well as the written form to communicate the message(s) properly.
    A good example of content for me has been a course that I took recently on Yoga Sequencing on YogaGlo. The outline was clear and the visual
    and written examples were excellent. I felt a real feeling of accomplishment after I had finished the course.
    A poor example of content was a sperate course that I had taken on building your yoga business. It was not clear about goals, student participation, or time changes needed for live chats.

    As I start to build my online class platform, this workshop hopefully comes at just the right time!

    Namaste, Peter

  5. Jill Bates

    I’m Jill. I am an oncology pharmacist and yoga teacher. I teach vinyasa flow and am working yin yoga into my teaching. I am particularly interested in pranayama and mind body techniques. I am a new yoga teacher and currently teach vinyasa flow. Good content for me is simple and classy, not overly complex. It clearly states its purpose and then achieves it. Not so good content is complex and difficult to follow, understand and deduce the purpose.


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